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Coaching Individuals 
with Learning Disabilities

In mastering her own learning disabilities to have become a coronary care specialist, a licensed psychologist, MA, and a successful business and personal coach, Diana McLeod has had years of first-hand experience in developing systems that work to effectively organize herself and others facing similar obstacles.

She is a highly qualified organizational specialist with the ability to guide and empower fellow LD individuals to lead reasonable, practical lives, as well as successful academic and business careers.

Her compassion, personal experience, and extensive training enable her to encourage individuals to "stick with the program" by training them in the use of customized organizational systems, designed expressly for them to overcome individual impediments and facilitate their success.

Her work helps equip LD and ADD individuals with the organizational tools, undetectable to others, that they need to more successfully negotiate and normalize daily routines, travel, academics, sports and business.

Diana's own success in passing her psychologist exam the first time around and parenting an individual, also learning disabled, through passage of a professional exam on their first try, are testimony to her ability to understand what LD individuals face in pursuit of their goals.

LD and ADD individuals are forced to compensate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to perform daily, as well as academic and business related tasks, which can be fatiguing, embarrassing and humiliating. Diana can help individuals to break that cycle and coach them toward organizational stability by offering coping mechanisms, customized systems and tools that work.

As a result, LD and ADD individuals can lead more practical and fulfilling lives while successfully attaining their goals. For a welcome change, they can be envied for their organizational skills, not penalized for their lack of them.

To explore whether a coaching relationship with Diana McLeod is right for you, 
call her at 802.229.5296 or e-mail her at diana@dmcoaching.com to 
set up a free half-hour appointment.

Creating Customized Organizational Systems that Work

Diana McLeod, a licensed psychologist, M.A. and successful business and personal coach, uses a unique and customized approach in designing organizational systems for learning disabled individuals that dramatically improve their daily, academic and professional lives.

Instead of expecting individuals to adapt to existing organizational systems, designed in most cases by non-LD people for non-LD people, Diana creates customized systems to FIT the individual exactly as they are. By molding systems to individuals, she directly addresses their specific needs and learning styles.

LD herself, Diana has a distinct advantage for devising systems and tools that work to help LD individuals overcome impediments and facilitate their success. Beyond customizing a system, she coaches the individual on how to implement it, adjusting and readjusting as necessary until it works effortlessly. According to Diana, "One shouldn't have to remember anything to use a well designed system."

In the case of children and young adults, she works with parents to develop home or dorm room systems that support the student's needs and enhance their chances of success. By shaping the right environment for studying, relaxing and listening to music, or performing daily tasks, a supportive atmosphere is created. The usual disorder is eliminated and the student's independence and success are facilitated-thus improving life for the entire family.

Diana McLeod also designs organizational systems for LD professionals, who must expend valuable time and energy compensating in order to perform daily, as well as business related tasks. Whether it's using a phone book, keeping an appointment calendar, accessing addresses, making travel arrangements, negotiating a checkbook or dealing with money, her systems minimize frustration, fatigue and humiliation. Individuals learn to successfully negotiate and normalize their daily routines and travel plans, enabling them to redirect their energy towards attaining career and personal goals.

To inquire whether a customized organizational system is right for you or your family, 
call Diana McLeod at 802.229.5296 or e-mail her at diana@dmcoaching.com.


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